Vespa Maintenance Guide


If you are in the market for a scooter, the P200 is a good choice. It is a well designed "classic" scooter with power to spare. Many people complain about the angularity of the P-Series, but they are still very waspy. The front mudgard and cowls are what give the "P" it's look. I think it really suits an electronic music lifestyle (reminds me of the old JX-3P synth in my room). Anyway, I find the specifications give a good insight into the workings of this infamous series. What follows is a list of specifications for the Vespa P200 under ideal conditions.(1)

Quick Index: Physical : Engine & Transmission : Fuel System : Brakes & Wheels : Electrical : Wrench Settings

Physical Specs

Overall Length:      1760 mm (69.3 in)
Overall Width:       695 mm  (27.3 in)
Overall Height:      1110 mm (43.7 in)
Wheelbase:           123 5mm (48.7 in)
Ground Clearance:    225 mm  (8.9 in)
Dry Weight:          108 kg  (238 lb)  
Chassis No. Prefix:  VSX 1 T
Engine  No. Prefix:  VSE 1 M
Typical Speeds:
Top:                 120 kph (75 mph)
Cruise:              104 kph (65 mph)
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Engine & Transmission Specs

Type:         Single cylinder fan-cooled two stroke
Bore:         66.5 mm (2.618 in)
Stroke:       57.0 mm (2.240 in)
Displacement: 197.97cc (12.080 cu in.)
Compression:  9.8:1

Type:         Cast Aluminum Alloy

Cylinder Barrel
Type:         Cast Iron
Bore Sizes:   66.5 mm (2.618 in)
1st Oversize: 66.7 mm (2.626 in)
2nd Oversize: 66.9 mm (2.634 in)
3rd Oversize: 67.1 mm (2.642 in)

Standard Diamter:    66.292 mm (2.6099 in)
Oversizes:           3, in 0.2 mm (0.0079 in increments)
Ring free end gap:   0.025-0.040 mm (0.010-0.016 in)

Crankshaft Assembly
Max. Runout
At mainshaft ends:   0.03mm (0.0012 in)
At flywheel faces:   0.02mm (0.0079 in)

Type:                     Wet, Multiplate
No. of Friction Plates:   3
No. of Plain Plates:      2

Type:                      4 speed constant mesh
1st Gear:                  14.47:1
2nd Gear:                  10.28:1
3rd Gear:                  7.31:1
4th Gear:                  5.36:1 
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Fuel System & Lubrication

Make:          Dell'Orto [sic]
Type:          SI24/24E (older models may have an SI20/20D)
Venturi Size:  24 mm (0.95 in)

Main:          116
Diffuser:      BE3
Atomizer:      60
Idle SS:       160
Starter Jet:   60

Air Filter
Type:          Pleated Fabric and Gauze

Engine Lube
Type:               Premix or Injection
Pre-Mix Oil Ratio:  50:1 (2%)
Two Stroke Oil:     Good Quality [ash free] 2 Stroke Oil (Synthetic or Natural)

Gearbox Lube
Oil Grade:          [Non-Detergent] SAE 30 motor oil
Capacity:           Holding the bike straight up and down, the oil will drip 
                    from the filler hole when full. (approx. 250mL 8.5oz)

Physical Fuel Line Length
length:    2 feet

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Two Stroke Oil 2% SAE 30 N.D. Gearbox Oil

Wheels Brakes and Tires

Type:               Pressed steel split rims, spare wheel available as option. Wheels 
                    are interchangeable
Size:               2.10 X 10

Type:               Internal expanding drum brakes, single leading shoe (SLS) type, front
                    and rear.

Size:                        3.50 X 10, front and rear
Pressure (for factory tires)
Front:                        17.6 psi (1.23 kg/cm2)
Rear (up to 180 pound load):  25.8 psi (1.8 kg/cm2)
Rear (over 180 pound load):   36.7 psi (2.58 kg/cm2)
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Electrical System

Type:           12VAC with electronic AC regulation
                Some bikes are fitted with batteries for DOT safety equipment.
                (such as Turn Signals, Horn, Tail and Brake Lights)
Alternator:     Ducati "Star" configuration @ 12 Volts
Regulator:      Electronic AC type
Horn:           Electromagnetic, 12VAC for non battery bikes
                Electromagnetic or Resonant Disc, 12VDC for battery bikes

12 Volt Bulbs
Headlamp:         25/25W (some bikes may have a sealed beam. Replace with equivalent)
Tail Lamp:        5W/10W combination lamp
Stop Lamp:        5W/10W combination lamp
Speedometer Lamp: (no. 1816) 12 Volt 3W bulb. (Canadian Tire No. 20-3064-2)
Warning Lamps:    2W 

Spark Plug
Normal Conditions:    NGK B7ES or equivalent
Highway Conditions:   NGK B8ES or equivalent

Type:             12V 9 Amp Hours (Ah)     
Specific Gravity: 1.260 to 1.280
Chemical Makeup:  Lead Acid

Type: 8 amp (european style)

CDI Unit
Type:                       Proprietary Sealed 'black box' Unit
Spark Plug interconnection: Silicone coated Oxygen Free Cable (18 Guage inner)
                            Almost any car spark plug wire will work as long as
                            the wire length is correct. 
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Torque Wrench Settings
Standard Settings
5mm bolt or nut:      0.45-0.6 kgf m (3.5-4.5 lbf ft)
6mm bolt or nut:      0.8-1.2 kgf m  (6-9 lbf ft)
8mm bolt or nut:      1.8-2.5 kgf m  (13-18 lbf ft)
10mm bolt or nut:     3.0-4.0 kgf m  (22-29 lbf ft)
12mm bolt or nut:     5.0-6.0 kgf m  (36-43 lbf ft)

5mm screw:            0.35-0.5 kgf m (2.5-3.6 lbf ft)
6mm screw:            0.7-1.1 kgf m  (5-8 lbf ft)

6mm flange bolt:            1.0-1.4 kgf m (7-10 lbf ft)
8mm flange bolt:            2.4-3.0 kgf m (17-22 lbf ft)
10mm flange bolt:           3.0-4.0 kgf m (22-29 lbf ft)

Engine & Tranny Settings
Stator Screws:                 0.3-0.4 kgf m (2.17-2.89 lbf ft)
Kickstart Lever Nut:           2.3-2.6 kgf m (16.64-18.81 lbf ft)
Coil Pickup mounting screws:   0.2-0.25 kgf m (1.45-1.81 lbf ft)
Clutch Center Nut:             4.0-4.5  kgf m (28.93-32.55 lbf ft)
Input Shat Nut:                3.5-3.5  kgf m (21.70-25.32 lbf ft)
Rotor Nut:                     6.0-6.5  kgf m (43.40-47.01 lbf ft)
Carb Sleeve Nuts:              1.6-2.0  kgf m (11.57-14.47 lbf ft)
Clutch Cover Bolts:            0.6-0.8  kgf m (4.34-5.79 lbf ft)
Cylinder Head Nuts:            1.7-2.2  kgf m (12.30-15.91 lbf ft)
Exhaust Pipe Stub:             7.5-8.0  kgf m (54.25-57.86 lbf ft)

Frame & Suspension Settings
Suspension unit mounting plate nuts:      2.0-2.7  kgf m (14.5-19.5 lbf ft)
Suspension unit to mounting plate nut:    3.0-4.0  kgf m (21.7-28.9 lbf ft)
Suspension unit lower mounting nuts:      2.0-2.7  kgf m (14.5-19.5 lbf ft)
Steering head adjuster (preload):         0.6-0.7  kgf m (4.34-5.06 lbf ft)
Steering head locknut:                    5.0-6.0  kgf m (36.2-43.4 lbf ft)
Handlebar pinch bolt:                     3.0-4.4  kgf m (21.7-28.9 lbf ft)
Rear suspension unit lower mounting bolt: 1.3-2.3  kgf m (9.4-16.6 lbf ft)
Engine unit pivot unit:                   6.1-7.5  kgf m (44.1-54.3 lbf ft)
Front wheel hub nut:                      7.0-10.0  kgf m (43.4-72.3 lbf ft)
Rear wheel hub nut:                       7.5-9.0  kgf m (54.3-65.1 lbf ft)
Wheel mounting nuts:                      2.0-2.7  kgf m (14.5-19.5 lbf ft)
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