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Having a good tool set is essential to fixing your bike with minimum effort. I have outlined a few of the essential tools; there are others that you will need as you repair the engine. I will post these tools used when i get around to rebuilding my engine. These basic sets will help you tackle most frame, headset, electical, wheel and carburettor problems. A torque wrench is not essential, but it will save you having to break out the helicoil set to re-thread your engine case. As a rule of thumb, if you dont KNOW the torque, tighten the fasteners until they are SNUG or until the lock washer is flat, overtightening aluminum is really risky, less is more in this circumstance.

General Tool Kit
A Roadside Set of Tools

Here is a list of some of the common tools I bring along on road trips:

Spark Plug Wrench  - Any automotive sparkplug wrench will do.
MultiDriver & Bits - Magnetic style; #1 & #2 Philips head minimum.
2 Pairs of VIcegrips - For pulling cables and bolts. One long nose and one standard will do everything.
1/8" Ratchet Handle - 1/8" Drive with the following metric ratchets: 10, 11, 13, 17 and 22mm. 
1/8" Torque Wrench - For wheel nuts and carb work.
Extensions and Adapters - 1/8" extenstion, and 1/8"-1/4" adapter for the 22mm ratchet head.
Tire Gauge - They're all the same - use 22psi in front 28psi in back.
Punch - for driving out bolts.
Open Ended Wrenches - For setting up cables. Possible sizes include: 7, 8, 11, 13 & 14mm.
13mm Box Wrench - For stripped out wheel nuts and 13mm bolts.
Needlenose Pliers - Helpful for tricky situations in tight spaces.
Electrical Connectors - Get an assortment of different sizes of spade connectors.
Clamp - used to secure the fuel/oil line. 
Wire Strippers - This style allows you to get in tight places. 
Cables - Buy a few gear change cables (they do everything in a pinch)
Spark Plug - Carry a spare plug at all times. B8ES and B7ES work very well on stock machines.
Body Hardware - fly-cover screw, cable nipple, headset screw, rear wheel cotter pin, Cable trunions.
Fuse - For battery bikes; 8A 12V Euro Style.
Spare Keys - Just in case.
Wire Cutters - For cutting long cable excess and wire in tight places.
Crimp Tool - Used to crimp electrical connectors. 

Hammers Left to Right.

Household Hammer 
Rubber Mallet 

Metric / SAE Feeler Gauge
Metric/SAE Feeler Gauge / Gap Tool

Used for gapping spark plugs and spacing engine 
components such as the gearbox. This tool is made of
accurately machined fins of metal. A 25 fin tool will
suffice for most applications.   

Flywheel Extractor
Flywheel Extractor
This tool threads into the flywheel and uses a
seperate bolt through the middle of the tool to 
apply even pressure to the flywheel. This tool is
used in engine rebuilds. 

Digital Multimeter
Flywheel Extractor
A digital multimeter can help to track down shorts and 
measure the voltage on energized circuits on the 

Soldering Iron and Solder
Flywheel Extractor
Soldering irons can help to make permanent 
electrical connections, reinforce old connections
and tin control cables. Shown here is a 
butane torch style soldering iron. these are
portable and provide plenty of heat.
For Solder, use 60/40 mix in any gauge you like. 

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