Vino Maintenance Guide


07/16/03 - I decided to rejet the carb after some overheating fun on my mom's scoot. Check out the topics section for more carb info than you can shake a stick at. :)

03/12/03 - The new Vino Maintenance Page is online! Since my mom got a Vino in the Summer of 2002, I have been into wrenching them. Now I'm part of a twist and go group in Victoria and I decided to do a page based on some of the repair an maintenance techniques for these bikes. From now on, all the procedures I do on bikes I will document and put them in this area. Personally, I ride a Vespa P200, but when it comes down to it, much of the mechanical aspects of the bikes are similar. I encourage you to read some of the Vespa maintenance articles as well, because they serve as a good background for engine and electrical operations.

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